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What We Do

We have now embarked on the awesome adventure of game development.

Game development is first and foremost a fun experience, however it is also a pretty tough field since there are a plethora of players in this market, but it is our intention to stick to this goal.


Game Development

We target the Modern App architecture of the Microsoft Windows platform.

We currently have several games available on the Windows Store, with others in production.


Project Examples

We intend to add project examples to our range of assets.

We hope this will be of benefit to those who have embarked on the fascinating journey of game creation.

These examples will be targeting Construct 2 (C2), the awesome 2D Game development tool created by Scirra Tools.


Game Assets

Game development of course necessitates the need for graphics and audio. In the game industry this media comes under the banner of 'game assets'.

Developing assets for use in game development is now a prime focus of our busy schedule.

We currently make our assets available on the Scirra Store.




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